All Natural Apple Butter Spread,
Made From Fresh Apples.



Tap’n Apple‘s naturally ‘Free From’ wholesome Apple Butter is a delicious spread made from fresh apples. Spread it on toast, muffins, rolls or use it in recipes. It has a delightfully rich flavor that can only come from pure apple butter. Simple, fresh quality ingredients. No need to say anything more – that is what Tap’n Apple means to consumers. The freshest apples picked at their ripened peak to deliver homemade taste and quality – that’s our promise. Tap’n Apple Apple Butter Spread contains no added sugar and no preservatives. Refrigerate after opening.

Tap'N'Apple Jar
The History of Apple Butter

Apple butter dates back to colonial times in the United States. It was made through a long, slow process of “cooking down” apples with cider or water in large copper kettles until the natural sugar caramelized and turned the apple butter a deep brown. There is no dairy butter in apple butter. It’s called apple butter because of its soft consistency and because it tastes so great on toast.